Snatching of mobile-phones, purses a daily affair in Najafgarh

Snatching of mobile-phones, purses a daily affair in Najafgarh

Snatching of mobile-phones, purses a daily affair in Najafgarh

Video shot outside Najafgarh Police Station goes viral

New Delhi, Feb. 5 (Delhi Crown): Incidents of snatching of mobile phones and purses, particularly from women, have become a routine affair in Najafgarh, even as the local police haven’t been able to put a check on the snatchers.

More surprisingly, such incidents are quite common in busy market areas like Som Bazar and Delhi Gate, which are frequented by thousands of people every day.

“The Delhi Crown” spoke to a senior cop at the Najafgarh Police Station. He said efforts are being made to keep a check on such incidents, and help of CCTVs installed at public place is taken to nab the snatchers.

Ritu Dahiya Kundu, a local resident posted a video on Facebook, which was shot just outside the Najafgarh Police Station, showing a couple of women whose mobile phones were snatched by unidentified persons.

Ritu was seen in the video as saying that she came across many such incidents almost every day, and further stated she had lost faith in the local police.

She also alleged that the police turn a blind-eye towards such incidents, and also play dilly-dallying tactics in lodging FIRs in such cases.

“Today I have learnt that four mobile phones were snatched from women from busy market areas in Najafgarh,” said Ritu and showed a girl as saying in the video that her FIR was lodged at the Najafgarh Police Station after one hour as the “Internet Server at the police station was down”.

The girl’s iPhone was snatched from the Som Bazar area.

She also showed another woman as saying that her iPhone-13 was stolen from the Delhi Gate area. An iPhone-13 costs around Rs 75,000.

“Crores of rupees are spent on setting up police stations, but then we get to hear that their Internet Servers are down,” complained Ritu.

In another case a purse containing Rs 25,000 was snatched from a woman in the Som Bazar.

Ritu further said in the video posted on her Facebook account that on several occasions she had given in writing about the deteriorating law and order in Najafgrah but no concrete steps have been initiated by the local police in ensuring that snatching incidents are checked.

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