So what, even if CNG Station triple murders were a result of a failed robbery bid?

So what, even if CNG Station triple murders were a result of a failed robbery bid?

So what, even if CNG Station triple murders were a result of a failed robbery bid?

Is Gurugram Police trying to say that it can’t perform its duty if there are no CCTVs at/near a crime scene?

Gurugram, March 9 (Delhi Crown): More than a week has passed since the triple murders took place in this millennium city, at a CNG station along the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, in Sector-31, but the Gurugram Police are still clueless despite announcing a reward of Rs 100,000 for credible information leading to the assailants.

The three employees, including the Manager, of the CNG Station were brutally butchered on the night of Feb. 28 with sharp-edged weapons by the assailants. One of them seemed to have been killed while he was running to safety.

Not one or two, but seven teams of Gurugram Police were formed to crack the case, but no breakthrough so far.

Hapless at not been able to get to the murderers, the Gurugram Police have started to state in a hush-hush tone that the murders could be a result of a “failed robbery bid”. In a report published on Wednesday (March 9), a leading English daily quoted a senior cop as saying this.

It may be recalled that initially the City Police had ruled out the possibility of a failed robbery bid as the motive/reason behind the sensational murders. Means, the Police had clearly hinted that the murders were a result of “personal rivalry” between the assailants and the deceased.

The report (of the English daily) further stated that Rs 10 lakhs kept inside the CNG station’s locker were found intact.

And, the report also indicated that the City Police are not able to crack the case because there are no CCTVs installed in the immediate vicinity of the CNG station. Before committing the crime, the murderers had even cut the connection of CCTVs installed at the CNG station, so no clues available to the Police!

Does it mean that the Gurugram Police would show their hands tied behind their backs in solving heinous crimes if there are no CCTVs installed at, or near, the crime scene?

Or, in other words, the Gurugram Police mean to say that criminals can go scot-free if they disconnect the CCTVs before committing the crime?

Or, are the Gurugram Police making an attempt to teach criminals the ways how to remain out of their (police’s) reach after committing a heinous crime (by disconnecting the CCTVs)?

As far the motive of the murders is concerned, how can the Gurugram Police arrive at the conclusion and spread the message around that the cold-blooded killings were a result of a “failed robbery bid”?

It may be noted that the assailants were armed with sharp-edged weapons which were used in carrying out the gory crime. From the crime scene it was quite evident that the assailants didn’t come there to carry out any robbery, but with a clear intention to mercilessly kill the three employees of the CNG Station.

Even if the Gurugram Police are to be believed that the murders were a result of a failed robbery bid, does it absolve the City Police from owning the responsibility of tracking down the criminals and bring them to book?

These are some of the questions which strike one’s mind while living in this millennium city.

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