Shalimar Bagh Police yet to arrest 4 men involved in physical assault on 2 women

Shalimar Bagh Police yet to arrest 4 men involved in physical assault on 2 women

Shalimar Bagh Police yet to arrest 4 men involved in physical assault on 2 women

Local AAP MLA Bandana Kumari denies allegation of being behind the attack

New Delhi, Dec. 2 (Delhi Crown): Even after 2 weeks the Delhi Police have failed to arrest the four men accused of physically assaulting two women, a mother-daughter duo, in Shalimar Bagh.

Mona Shokeen (38) and her 16-year-old daughter Khushi Shokeen were mercilessly beaten up by two women and four men outside their house in Block-BB, West Shalimar Bagh on the night of Nov. 19.

Mona Shokeen filed an FIR at the Shalimar Bagh Police Station naming the local MLA Bandana Kumari for being behind the physical assault.

Though Bandana Kumari, the second-time MLA from Shalimar Bagh, has denied the allegation, the local police are yet to interrogate her after she was squarely blamed and named in the FIR filed by Mona Shokeen.

Though the Delhi Police is directly controlled by the Centre Government, it is yet to be deciphered as to why the local police is hesitant to interrogate the local MLA Bandana Kumari who belongs to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

The video showing two women and four men beating up Mona Shokeen and her daughter went viral in social media since yesterday. While the two women involved in the crime – Neha and Megha, are said to be detained and interrogated at the Shalimar Police Station, the four men are still at large.

Investigating Officer (IO) Mohini Yadav told that it was difficult to identify two of the four men in the CCTV footage available with the Police.

Meanwhile, Mona Shokeen and her minor daughter are recuperating from the injuries they suffered during the physical attack two weeks ago. Speaking to, she said – “I have undergone an operation in my fractured arm. I received serious injuries all over my body. Still there is so much swelling and pain in my body. Same is the condition of my daughter, who suffered serious injuries in her legs.”

She further alleged that the attackers were still at large.

“What is the Delhi Police doing? It has been two weeks since the attack took place. What is stopping the Delhi Police in arresting the identifying and arresting the four men involved in the attack? Why has Bandana Kumari not been interrogated yet by the Delhi Police after I named her in the FIR? Women in Delhi are not at all safe,” Mona Shokeen said over phone.

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