SC rules out re-evaluation of AoR result

SC rules out re-evaluation of AoR result

SC rules out re-evaluation of AoR result

Says those fail the exam can’t challenge it

New Delhi, Nov. 27 (Delhi Crown): The Supreme Court of India has dismissed an advocate’s writ petition challenging his result in an Advocate on Record (AOR) examination in 2019, and demanding re-evaluation.

A two-judge bench comprising Justices D.Y. Chandrachud and A.S. Bopanna told the petitioner Vivek Sharma that the court will not undertake the work of experts to re-evaluate AoR examination, saying the evaluators’ decisions had to be respected as they themselves were senior counsels appointed by the Apex Court.

Sharma, who had failed in the examination, had approached the topmost court for a re-evaluation in regulations under rules framed by the Supreme Court in 2013.

The judges further observed that Sharma was currently ill-equipped to be called an advocate and advised him to study and take the exam again to become one.

Justice Chandrachud pointedly cited Regulation 12 of the Regulations Regarding AOR Examination which clearly states that no application for evaluation of answer sheets will be entertained.

When Sharma insisted that he be given relief under Article 145 of the Constitution and under the 2013 Supreme Court Rules, the bench said his case had “no merit” and dismissed it.

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