Resident docs across country withdraw from OPD services

Resident doctors across country withdraw from OPD services

Resident doctors across country withdraw from OPD services

Demand early counselling of NEET-PG 2021, saying they are overburdened

New Delhi, Nov. 27 (Delhi Crown): The Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association (India) has called a nationwide strike with effect from Nov. 27 (Saturday) in the wake of delay in counselling for the NEET-PG 2021.

The striking doctors have withdrawn from OPD services in healthcare institutions across the country, alleging they are “over-burdened and exhausted” amid fighting Covid-19 pandemic.

The counselling for the NEET-PG 2021 has been pending as the matter is before the Supreme Court of India, which is slated to hear the case next on January 6. The last hearing was on Nov. 25.

“There seems to be no respite to our physical and mental distress as the next court is scheduled for Jan. 6. To mark our protest against these repeated delays and postponements of counselling, we have decided to withdraw the OPS services from Nov. 27 onwards,” said a letter signed by the Association’s president Dr Manish and General Secretaries Dr Sunil Arora & Dr Kulsaurabh.

The matter pending before the Apex Court relates to some reservation policy issues, including OBC and EWS categories.

The striking doctors urged the Centre Government and the Apex Court to expedite the NEET-PG counselling process, which, according to them, should have taken place by May this year.

They also demanded that the court proceedings should be fast-tracked on an urgent basis.

“In case there is no positive response, we will be forced to escalate our protest. The onus of any such unfortunate situation affecting healthcare services will be on the concerned authorities,” threatened the Association office bearers.

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