Rajiv Pratap Rudy takes over as Chair of “FICCI Forum of Parliamentarians”

Rajiv Pratap Rudy takes over as Chair of “FICCI Forum of Parliamentarians”

Rajiv Pratap Rudy takes over as Chair of “FICCI Forum of Parliamentarians”

Forum engages with MPs on key national & global issues

New Delhi, Dec. 10 (Delhi Crown): Lok Sabha MP Rajiv Pratap Rudy on Friday took over as the Chair of the “FICCI Forum of Parliamentarians”.

He succeeds union labour minister Bhupender Yadav who served as the Chair of the Forum from 2018 until recently when he became the cabinet minister.

The Forum of Parliamentarians engages with MPs across party lines from both Houses of Parliament to ensure a healthy mix of political ideologies and inclusive representation of diversity of India.

It also creates unique platforms for deeper engagement and discussions on political, economic and cultural relationship between India and the world.

Delivering his acceptance speech, Rudy underlined the importance of such forums for ensuring the spirit of Track II diplomacy, promoting collateral partnerships, academic visits and dialogues on international issues.

India is a critical player in shaping the global politics and economy and a determiner of Asian economy’s growth. Track-II diplomacy is an important component for India as it entails bipartisanship with the infusion of fresh and unbiased perspectives in the policy space.

The Forum of Parliamentarians was envisioned as Track Two initiative of FICCI in the year 2000 as India was becoming more active as a global leader.

Track-II dialogue process has a definite edge over formal approaches of engagement which are not able to factor in parameters like people to people contact or cultural connect which are essential in promoting confidence and mutual understanding in a bilateral relationship.

The Forum works closely with official channels in alignment with India’s foreign policy goals. At the same time, it follows an independent agenda as a track two bipartisan initiative, said a FICCI statement.

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