Patiala House Court judge asks misbehaving lawyer to “shut-up”

Patiala House Court judge asks misbehaving lawyer to “shut-up”

Patiala House Court judge asks misbehaving lawyer to “shut-up”

‘Misbehaving’ lawyer Imran Ali was representing Press Club of India

New Delhi, Dec. 21 (Delhi Crown): A high-pitched drama was witnessed in Patiala House Court complex on Tuesday when a lawyer “Imran Ali” started shouting at lady Civil Judge Preeti (she goes by single name), and the latter had to ask him to “shut-up”.

Totally irked by the lawyer’s behaviour, judge Preeti had to twice say “Shut Up” to control the lawyer even as he continued shouting at the lady judge at the top of his voice.

Immediately after the Case No. 28 came up for hearing before Civil Judge Preeti, lawyer Imran Ali began shouting at the lady judge, apparently annoyed at the cost of Rs 2000 imposed by the lady judge on him during the previous hearing of the case held last week.

The matter was related to a senior journalist Pankaj Yadav who has filed a civil suit against the Press Club of India.

Representing the Press Club of India, lawyer Imran Ali had not appeared before the court last week on the pretext of taken ill, despite a Court Notice served to him after his continued absence from the court over the previous several hearings.

Taking a strong note of lawyer Imran Ali’s continued absence from the court hearings, Civil Judge Preeti had sent a Notice to him. But, defying the Notice, the latter failed to appear on the Dec. 17 hearing too, following which the lady judge had imposed a fine of Rs 2000 on the Press Club of India.

When the repeated directions to lawyer Imran Ali to maintain the decorum of the court and behave in a civil manner fell on deaf ears, an angry-looking judge asked him to “Shut Up”. To this lawyer Imran Ali said – “This is unparliamentary. What kind of a language the Bench is using?” At this, the lady judge once again asked the lawyer to “Shut Up”.

Amidst this, lawyer Imran Ali addressed the lady judge as “My Lord”, though in a high-pitched voice. “Don’t call me My Lord. You have already shown utter disrespect to this Court,” replied the lady judge in a fit of rage.

During the heated exchange of words which lasted around 10 minutes, the lady judge told lawyer Imran Ali that even the senior advocates don’t misbehave like this with her and always try to maintain the decorum of the court. To this, lawyer Imran Ali shouted back – “I don’t consider anyone’s seniority.”

Misbehaving with the lady judge, lawyer Imran Ali even questioned the conduct of the court. “Don’t teach me how to conduct the court. Everyone out here knows how I conduct the court,” lady judge told Imran Ali.

The court room was packed to its capacity when the whole drama unfolded. Lawyers were heard talking in whispering – “How misbehaved is this lawyer. He must apologise.”

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