New book on agricultural value chains in India

New book on agricultural value chains in India

New book on agricultural value chains in India

Brings out key insights for policymaking

New Delhi, Jan. 7 (Delhi Crown): A new book titled “Agricultural Value Chains in India” has brought out some very useful insights for policymaking in terms of what needs to be done better to steer the agricultural value chains towards being more competitive, inclusive, sustainable and scalable.

The book assumes significance in the backdrop of debate in the country over having suitable agricultural value chains, particularly after the Centre Government framed three Farm Laws which were subsequently withdrawn following year-long protests by farmers, mainly from Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh states.

The value chain specific research findings help draw very nuanced policy recommendations as well as present a big picture of the future direction of policy making in agriculture.

This open access book provides a clear holistic conceptual framework of CISS-F (competitiveness, inclusiveness, sustainability, scalability and access to finance) to analyse the efficiency of value chains of high value agricultural commodities in India.

The book is based on the understanding that agriculture is an integrated system that connects farming with logistics, processing and marketing.

“Farmer’s welfare being central to any agricultural policy makes it very pertinent to study how a value chain works and can be strengthened further to realize this policy goal,” says an abstract from the book.

This book adds value to the existing research by studying the value chains end-to-end across a wide spectrum of agricultural commodities with the holistic lens of CISS-F.

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