Modern Extraction Wells to solve Delhi’s potable water crisis

Satyendar Jain visited modern extraction wells built in Sonia Vihar

Satyendar Jain visited modern extraction wells built in Sonia Vihar

These wells extract underground water, treat and supply to Delhiites

New Delhi, Dec. 7 (Delhi Crown): The Kejriwal Government’s experimental project – “Indigenously Developed Extraction Wells” proves to be a huge success, as it is expected to benefit lakhs of Delhi residents in supplying potable water.

On Tuesday Delhi’s Water Minister Satyendar Jain visited modern extraction wells built in Sonia Vihar. “This significant breakthrough will help millions of East Delhi residents get access to clean water. New and improved technology will enable the water to now get purified within the wells and be supplied directly,” said a statement issued by Delhi Jal Board (DJB).

“With these modern well, water production will be increased by 25-30%, as the direct supply will be ensured in UGRs to reduce water loss. These wells will be used to supplement the water supply in nearby water treatment plants,” said Satyendar Jain.

These ‘Modern Extraction Wells’ can provide 6-8 times more water than ordinary wells. Extraction wells are ones from which water is extracted and supplied to water treatment plants, where this water is purified and then delivered to Delhiites.

The modern wells constructed by the DJB are designed in such a way that water gets purified within the well and does not require any additional water treatment plant to treat the raw water.

The capacity of each well is to supply 1.2 -1.6 million gallons of water per day. Each new modern extraction well has a capacity to supply 7-8 times more water than the conventional wells.

“The total supply of water will be increased by 25-30%. This will resolve the problem of drinking water in East Delhi areas,” said the official statement.

Congratulating the DJB officers Water Minister Satyendar Jain, said – “The Delhi Government had promised to provide 24×7 piped drinking water to all the households of Delhi and this is a very important step towards turning this promise into reality.  These modern wells will help in increasing the availability of water and will drastically increase the quantity of water supplied to the water treatment plants. This well has been built with the joint efforts of the Delhi Jal Board, Public Works Department, and the Flood and Irrigation Department. This is an example of how if all the departments work together on a project, then not only can they complete the work quickly, but also increase the possibility of innovation in it.”

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