Mind-reader Suhani Shah proves Dhirendra Shastri doesn’t possess super-natural powers !

Mind-reader Suhani Shah proves Dhirendra Shastri doesn’t possess super-natural powers !

Mind-reader Suhani Shah proves Dhirendra Shastri doesn’t possess super-natural powers !

Says anyone can attain the “art form” through learning & regular practice

Patrakaar Pankaj

New Delhi: 32-year-old female magician Suhani Shah has proved that self-styled Godman Dhirendra Krishan Shastri (26) doesn’t possess any super-natural powers, and that he, like her, has simply mastered mind-reading which, according to her, is nothing but an art-form !

Live on a TV show for three hours on a popular Hindi news channel on Sunday (Jan. 22), Suhani, who hails from Mumbai, contradicted Dhirendra Shastri’s claim of possessing powers of “Lord Hanuman” by performing several tricks before those sitting in the audience and also the people who later joined the programme live. Those who joined the TV programme live included Computer Baba and Shivani Durga.

During the programme, Suhani revealed the four-digit password of the mobile phone of a girl sitting in the audience. Much to the surprise of the audience, the female mind-reader cum magician even told the name of the tourist destination which a boy present on the occasion was “thinking about”. Going a step further, she told the exact name of the boy who was the best friend of the female TV anchor who was hosting the live show.

She even told the name of the first Guru of Computer Baba through mind-reading, a fact which was supposedly known to Computer Baba only.

Both the mind-readers – Suhani and Shastri possess excellent oratory skills, and attractive personalities with superb presentation skills. While Suhani belongs to Mumbai, Shastri hails from a small village near Chhattarpur in Madhya Pradesh. Academically, both are hardly educated but are masters of their trade i.e. “mind-reading”.

For the past couple of weeks, people, particularly in north India, are glued to their TV sets watching news channels showing “miracle-performing” mind-readers, or their smart-phones watching recorded videos of these mind-readers. While one displayed mind-reading as his “spiritual power” which he got straight from his “Isht Dev” Lord Hanuman, the female mind-reader contradicted him claiming that it was nothing more than an “art” which could be attained by anyone through learning and practice for years together.

It all began with a controversy over Shastri, a self-styled Godman who claims to be a staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman. Shastri was challenged by one Shyam Manav, living in Nagpur, alleging that the former indulged in “promoting superstitions” among the people and that he should be booked by the police for this offence.

Shyam Manav runs a non-government organisation (NGO) in Nagpur with the objective of removing “superstitions” among the public. He also alleged that once he levelled the allegation against the self-styled Godman, the latter ran away from Nagpur cutting short his seven-day programme.

Pooh-poohing Manav’s claim, Shastri told media TV channels that he will address another huge gathering in Raipur  in a couple of days, and that he never claimed to possess “super-natural” powers but was a simple man promoting the “Sanatan” form of Hindu religion.

Among his followers and devotees, Shastri is known by a couple of other names, including Bageshwar Sarkar, Bageshwar Baba, Bageshwar Maharaj, etc. His fan following even includes the rich and the powerful, including chief ministers, union cabinet ministers, popular film stars, industrialists, sports stars. He claims to be running free langar for the past three years at Bageshwar Dham and plans to construct a 400-bed Cancer Hospital by 2029 with the money he gets as donation from his followers. Presently, he is single.

As the verbal duel between Shyam Manav and Shastri grew intense and hit media headlines, particularly the TV media, the latter began getting immense attention and fan-following from among the public at large. His videos on YouTube and other social media platforms suddenly became a hit, running into crores of views.

Donning colourful dresses and interesting headgears, Shastri moves around with personal security guards. He has done shows overseas too, including in London, Italy, Mauritius, etc., show his multiple videos available on YouTube.

During his “Divya Darbars”, Shastri addresses huge gatherings of people running into lakhs, including men, women, youths and the old, in different parts of the country. During his public shows, he randomly chooses people by his own wish, one by one. He calls their names from his “Gaddi” and writes down their personal details like Name, Father’s Name, Place of Residence and the problem he/she has come with for finding a solution.

After writing all the information on a piece of paper, he asks the person to speak on the mike before the huge gathering about his personal details not known to anyone by then. Soon after, Shastri makes that piece of paper public, showing that it contained exactly the same personal details of that particular person, which he had jotted down on the piece of paper even before that particular person began speaking. And, the huge gathering goes in fits of surprise and awe, with their mouths and eyes wide open !

As the self-styled Godman became an instant hit among the masses in the country over the past couple of weeks, he became the most sought-after man for leading TV anchors and news-readers for his personal live interviews on popular news channels.

Amid all the controversy surrounding him, in his live programme in Raipur, he caught hold of a TV journalist of a popular Hindi news channel and told him about his family members’ names and the problems he was facing in his personal life, much to the surprise of the journalist and nearly 400,000 people present on the occasion.

Meanwhile, contradicting the self-styled Godman’s claim that he “attains super-natural powers” once he sits on his “Gaddi” before the public, the female magician Suhani Shah claimed on TV news channels that mind-reading was nothing more than an art form which could be attained by anyone through learning and regular practice.

Suhani claimed she has been doing live shows across the country since she was six-years old. “I studied only up till first standard, and took up performing magic shows as my profession. I don’t possess any super-natural powers. It has nothing to do with superstitions. I believe it was high time this art called mind-reading got due popularity in the country and abroad,” she told the TV anchor.

The popular female magician has written a few books on mind-reading, including “Unleash your Hidden Powers”.

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