MCD Polls 2022: Wards de-reserved, new list announced

MCD Polls 2022: Wards de-reserved, new list announced

MCD Polls 2022: Wards de-reserved, new list announced

Polls to be held in April

New Delhi, Jan. 26 (Delhi Crown): The Delhi State Election Commission has announced de-reservation of existing Municipal Wards and reservation of new wards on rotation basis for specified categories.

This comes ahead of the three MCDs polls – SDMC, NDMC and EDMC due to be held in April this year.

The announcement was made in an official order issued by Delhi State Election Commission (SEC) late on Tuesday night.

While NDMC and SDMC have 104 wards each, EDMC has 64 wards.

According to the order, the number of wards reserved for SC category in the three corporations are — NDMC (20), SDMC (15) and EDMC (11), proportionate to the population, or 19.38 per cent, 14.15 per cent and 16.58 per cent respectively, said the official order.

As many as 50% of the total Municipal Wards are reserved for women.

All three MCDs are currently ruled by the BJP, the party which has also been controlling all the civic bodies since the trifurcation of the erstwhile unified Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) in 2012.

A senior official in the SEC said de-reservation of wards and reservation of new wards happens every five years.

According to the formula used for the MCD Polls 2022, after arriving at a sequential listing of wards for SC category, the ones places at odd positions (1st, 3rd, etc) are reserved for SC women category, while those on even positions (2nd, 4th, etc) are for SC category. Of the remaining wards, arranged in sequence, those positioned on odd ones, belong to general category and those on even positions to women category.

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