Mayapuri underground reservoir inaugurated

Mayapuri underground reservoir inaugurated

Mayapuri underground reservoir inaugurated

Will ensure smooth water supply during Summers

New Delhi, March 3 (Delhi Crown): Delhi’s Water Minister DJB Chairman Satyendar Jain on Thursday inaugurated the Underground Reservoir/Booster Pumping Station at Mayapuri with a capacity of 1.24 crore litres.

The Underground Reservoir/Booster Pumping Station will ensure smooth water supply in Mayapuri and its surrounding areas, even as summers begin to set in the national capital.

The Booster Pumping Station is a device that increases low water pressure and flow by providing the extra boost needed to bring water pressure to the desired level.

Thus, the water is enabled to move from a storage tank or throughout a whole house or commercial facility.

Speaking on the occasion, Jain said, “This will be a magnificent step to augment the water pressure, which will help solve the existing water crisis in Delhi. On completion of this project, approximately 1.50 lakh residents residing in Hari Nagar and Delhi cantonment area will benefit. These subtle steps are part of a bigger and highly ambitious endeavour of ensuring 24×7 water supply across the capital by the Delhi Government, and we are evidently leaving no stone unturned to fulfil this commitment.’’

The introduction of this UGR will directly benefit approximately 1.50 lakh residents of Khazan Basti, Maya Enclave, M-Block, Hari Nagar, part of Subhash Nagar, A-Block, Mayapuri Ph-I & II, etc. with the availability of water at an adequate pressure.

The project cost includes 10 years of operations and maintenance.

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