Look how this lawyer from Bihar takes Delhi courts for granted!

Look how this lawyer from Bihar takes Delhi courts for granted!

Look how this lawyer Umesh Sharma from Bihar takes Delhi courts for granted!

Keeps on filing false & frivolous suits surreptitiously to settle personal scores!!

Delhi Crown Bureau

New Delhi: For past many decades we often get to hear about the huge pendency of cases, both civil and criminal, before courts in India. Many reasons are ascribed to it, i.e. low strength of judges and non-judicial staff or large number of judges’ vacancies, inadequate funding, lack of infrastructure, abuse of legal procedure, ineffective executive and legislative, etc. etc.

In this article, we delve into how lawyers indulge in “abuse of legal procedure” and waste courts’ precious time by filing unwanted, unwarranted and unscrupulous civil and criminal suits to settle their personal scores.

While writing this article, enough research was carried out, and due care was taken to ensure that nothing false or incorrect is published to unintentionally harm anyone’s (male or female) “personal life”. Hence, affidavits and written statements filed before different courts, which are public documents now, were thoroughly read and a copy of the same taken into possession by “The Delhi Crown”.

In Delhi is a lawyer by the name of Umesh Sharma (62 years old), who originally hails from Bihar’s Bhagalpur district. His demeanour perfectly depicts how lawyers tend to file meaningless and worthless suits, thus wasting the precious time of legal officers/judges and adding to the load of pendency of courts cases in the country. His acts show how he’s a blot on the legal profession, and how he continues to make a mockery of judicial system/process.

Umesh Sharma has filed as many as four-five civil suits against a senior journalist and eight-ten civil & criminal suits against his own wife and children before several courts at the Patiala House Courts, and also surreptitiously got filed at least two civil suits against the said senior journalist on behalf of his “lady love” through other lawyers at the Tees Hazari Courts.

All these civil suits are a result of personal streets fights/feuds between the said senior journalist and Umesh Sharma, which originated from a journalists’ club situated in the heart of Indian capital city. Both have filed umpteen number of complaints against each other at the Tilak Marg Police Station. And, gradually it led to a series of law suits filed by Umesh Sharma, either directly or surreptitiously, against the said senior journalist.

Quite interestingly, Umesh Sharm’s own wife is/has been the counsel of the said senior journalist in several suits, both at Patiala House Courts and Tees Hazari Courts…!

Over the past several years, Umesh Sharma has been accused of “womanising and indulging in immoral activities” by none other than his lawyer wife Sunita Bhardwaj. She also accused Umesh Sharma of having illicit relationship with one Chhaya Sharma, and that both hooked around in hotels in Delhi/Goa/Bombay. The facts are aptly supported by legal documents duly signed and filed by Sunita Bhardwaj before courts while being the said senior journalist’s counsel.

And, over the past two-and-a-half years, Umesh Sharma has, directly or indirectly, filed umpteen number of civil suits against persons/individuals including his own wife and the said senior journalist for protecting his “lady love” Chhaya Sharma…!

In one of such false & frivolous cases filed by Umesh Sharma at the Patiala House Courts, the Managing Committee of the New Delhi Bar Association (NDBA) too is one of the defendants…!!

On March 16 (Saturday) a court at Tees Hazari passed an order in favour of Umesh Sharma’s wife Sunita Bhardwaj restraining the plaintiff – Chhaya Sharma, who has been “linked” with Umesh Sharma by Sunita Bhardwaj, “from posting any content whatsoever amongst the legal fraternity, friends, clients, general public as well as from circulating audio/video till the disposal of suit or further orders”.

The order came from the court of Civil Judge-01 Vikas Madaan. Umesh Sharma’s wife Sunita Bhardwaj had filed a Counter Claim in a civil suit filed by Chhaya Sharma before the same court. On Saturday Sunita Bhardwaj’s Counter Claim application was heard along with the main suit (CS SCJ 371/23), filed by Chhaya Sharma.

Umesh Sharma’s wife Sunita Bhardwaj is one of the four defendants in the said civil suit, which has been pending before the same court for the past one year. The plaintiff, i.e. Chhaya Sharma, has not even once appeared before the court.

Over the past one year as many as four different lawyers have represented Chhaya Sharma during the eight hearings held so far. On every hearing a new lawyer appears before the court, and disappears on the next date of hearing (NDOH). It was Umesh Sharma who was so far “managing” these lawyers by hiding himself behind the scene.

But, on March 16 (Saturday) he finally surfaced representing his “lady love” Chhaya Sharma before the court, immediately after the court had passed an order asking the plaintiff Chhaya Sharma to appear in person before the court on the NDOH i.e. May 18, 2024.

When the matter was called at the first instance, none had appeared for plaintiff Chhaya Sharma, but Sunita Bhardwaj was present one of the defendants through video-conferencing. Minutes after the court order was passed against his “lady love”, Umesh Sharma for the first time presented himself before the court in the said civil suit. And, he succeeded in (mis)leading the court to change its earlier order, thus managing to save his “lady love” from court appearance…!

The subsequent order, pronounced by Civil Judge-01 Vikas Madaan at 12:20 hours read – “At this stage, Umesh Sharma, Ld. counsel for plaintiff, has appeared. As the counsel has appeared, there is no need for issuance of notice to plaintiff.”

Interestingly, the court staff failed to notice that Umesh Sharma had attended the hearing through video-conferencing when the matter was first called. But on finding that his wife Sunita Bhardwaj too was present online, Umesh Sharma ducked himself. And, later smartly presented himself before the court in person in a bid to protect his “lady love”…!

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