Lawyer Umesh Sharma indicts New Delhi Bar Association in a “frivolous” case

Delhi court imposes fine of Rs 25,000 on “Goon Advocate” Umesh Sharma

Delhi court imposes fine of Rs 25,000 on “Goon Advocate” Umesh Sharma

NDBA office bearers up in arms against him saying he’s “habitual” of filing false & frivolous cases

Delhi Crown Bureau

New Delhi: Lawyer Umesh Sharma, who hails from Bihar and is known for filing false and frivolous cases against people, including his own wife and children, has filed a civil suit before the court of Commercial Civil Judge Swati Gupta at Patiala House Courts indicting the court’s prestigious bar association, i.e. New Delhi Bar Association (NDBA) as Defendant No. 4.

The next date of hearing of the said civil suit is Oct. 14, 2023.

In the civil suit, lawyer Umesh Sharma claimed that the NDBA’s office bearers had “failed” to act against another lawyer with whom he had a physical fight inside the court premises on May 29, 2023.

Accusing the NDBA office-bearers for siding with his rival lawyer and fraudulently allowing him to become a member of the Bar Association, lawyer Umesh Sharma urged upon the court to pass a Decree against the NDBA directing it to take action against his rival lawyer with whom he had a fistfight inside the court premises.

“The NDBA, being a welfare body for its members, is bound to take action for the protection of the interests of its members but in the present case it has failed to safeguard the interests of the plaintiff and has not initiated any action against the Defendant No. 1 despite his brazen acts and deeds,” said lawyer Umesh Sharma in his plaint before the court.

In the said suit, plaintiff Umesh Sharma has arrayed his rival lawyer as Defendant No. 1 and the NDBA as Defendant No. 4.

Meanwhile, when contacted the NDBA to elicit its response, one of office bearers said that it was nothing but a false and frivolous case being filed by Umesh Sharma. “He seems to have lost his mental balance after indulging in too many civil and criminal cases/suits against his own family members i.e. wife and two grown up kids,” said the office bearer.

“We know all the facts of circumstances of the incident(s) which happened inside the Patiala House Courts complex on May 29, 2023. We have seen the CCTV footages. It is quite clear that Umesh Sharma himself initiated a physical attack on another lawyer with whom he has been having an old rivalry. In CCTV footages Umesh Sharma can be clearly seen physically assaulting the other lawyer in front of the court room of Sheetal Chaudhary Pradhan. The other lawyer can be seen only defending himself from the multiple blows being inflicted by Umesh Sharma. During this incident the lawyer at the receiving end is seen wearing casual clothes,” said the office bearer on the condition of anonymity.

The office-bearer further stated, “A few hours later, the victimised lawyer returned to the court wearing his black robes and is seen taking a revenge on Umesh Sharma for the beating he had received from him in the morning hours. Both sets of CCTV footages prove that both the layers beat up each other on the same day. The case was brought up before us the same day. After Umesh Sharma alleged that his rival was a fake layer, we ascertained the latter’s credentials from the Bar Council of Delhi (BCD) and found that he is genuinely registered with the Bar since the year 2002.”

According to sources in the legal fraternity, lawyer Umesh Sharma has filed umpteen number of civil and criminal cases against his lawyer wife and two lawyer-kids. His wife and children had thrown him out of his house a couple of years ago after he was caught having illicit relations with other women. Since then, he has been staying alone in a rented accommodation at an unauthorised residential colony somewhere in North Delhi.

“Ironically, Umesh Sharma’s daughter got married recently but neither he was invited nor he had the face/courage to attend the marriage. In a bid to usurp several properties in Delhi, he filed several cases against his own children and his wife. Several such cases related to immovable properties initiated by Umesh Sharma against his wife and kids are still pending before the Delhi High Court and several courts in Patiala House Court complex,” said one of the lawyers who has known lawyer Umesh Sharma for past many years.

Given his demeanor both inside and outside the court, lawyer Umesh Sharma has earned the sobriquet “The Goon Advocate”….!

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