Delhi lawyer mercilessly beats up a PIB accredited journalist outside FCC of South Asia

Lawyer mercilessly beats up a PIB accredited journalist outside FCC of South Asia

Adv. Umesh Sharma who allegedly mercilessly beat up a PIB accredited journalist outside the FCC of South Asia on July 13 (Wednesday) evening in front of Delhi Police cops.

Delhi Police yet to file an FIR against the lawyer

New Delhi, July 13 (Delhi Crown): Advocate Umesh Sharma (Registration No. S-01440) allegedly mercilessly beat up a senior journalist duly accredited with the Govt. of India’s Press Information Bureau (PIB), outside the Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia (FCC of South Asia) situated at AB-19, Mathura Road, New Delhi, opposite the Supreme Court of India, and next to the official residence of Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, on Wednesday (July 13).

The incident happened at around 5:30 p.m. (17:30 hours), according to the victimised journalist.

FCC of South Asia president Munish Gupta, who was present inside the Club, when the whole incident happened didn’t care to come out even once, the victimised journalist said, and added – “Soon after Munish Gupta fled from the Club.”

The Delhi Police’s Tilak Marg Police Station is yet to lodge an FIR in this matter, though the victimised journalist kept sitting at the police station for five long hours, pleading his case before the cops there.

Sub-Inspector Suresh Chand has been appointed as the Investigation Officer (I.O.) in this case.

“Adv. Umesh Sharma was accompanied by 4-5 goons dressed like Advocates whom he had called over phone. The whole incident has been captured in a CCTV installed outside the Supreme Court of India, at the corner of the by-lane along the Mathura Road, just next to a public toilet,” the victimised journalist told

According to him, the said CCTV captures every movement at the by-lane leading from the Supreme Court of India to the official residence of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

The victimised journalist further said that he was pinned down on the said by-lane (road) by Adv. Umesh Sharma and his goons, and was beaten up mercilessly in the presence of Delhi Police cops.

Apprehending a physical assault on him, the victimised journalist had made a prior call to the Delhi Police at the Number 112. The whole incident of physical assault on him by Adv. Umesh Sharma happened in front of the Delhi Police cops who had come in a PCR vehicle, said the victimised journalist.

He told “The Delhi Crown” – “Adv. Umesh Sharma and his goons continued beating me even as PCR Van cops continued watching, particularly the cop Vijay Pal Singh, without taking any action against Adv Umesh Sharma.”

Narrating the incident, the victimised journalist said – “I am a PIB-accredited journalist for past two decades and also an elected Member Executive on the Governing Committee of the FCC of South Asia. I was merely standing outside the FCC of South Asia in the by-lane, when Adv. Umesh Sharma suddenly arrived at the scene and started hurling abuses at me. When I confronted him, he called up certain mobile phone numbers and soon 4-5 goons dressed like Advocates arrived at the scene. Sensing some trouble, I called the PCR at Number 112. The PCR vehicle arrived instantly. In the presence of Delhi Police cops, who had come in the PCR vehicle, Adv. Umesh Sharma physically assaulted me after pinning me down on the road.”

He further said – “The PCR vehicle cops told me I should approach the local police station if I need to lodge a formal complaint. So, I approached the Tilak Marg police station and spent almost 5 hours there. I was told that SHO Brijesh Misraa had gone on an official duty for a function of President of India near India Gate. I finally met the SHO Misraa at around 11:00 p.m. (21:00 hours) at the police station. He assured me that a formal FIR will be filed against Adv. Umesh Sharma, but only after scanning the CCTV footage and taking the opposite party’s version.”

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