Law Minister hails NLUs role in preparing ace lawyers for the future

Law Minister hails NLUs role in preparing ace lawyers for the future

Law Minister hails NLUs role in preparing ace lawyers for the future

New Delhi, March 25 (Delhi Crown): The country’s Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Friday hailed the role played by the National Law Universities (NLUs) located across the country in developing professional abilities among budding law students as lawyers for the future.

There are a total of 23 NLUs situated in different states across the country.

He said that these NLUs have been given full freedom in drawing up curriculum for their respective institutions, and they are independent in selecting students through open competitive entrance examinations.

The “intensive exposures” given to the students of NLUs has helped in developing their professional abilities to handle litigation of all kinds, including corporate litigation, legal advice, conveyancing etc. competently.

He further said that in spite of being creation of state law, most of them admit students on merit through open competitive examination which determines the profile of the students.

Further, he added, in order to enable meaningful and effective law teaching, considerable autonomy has been given to them in matters such as the recruitment of teachers and staff as well as the framing and frequent revision of the curriculum.

“The curriculum of the National Law Universities (NLUs) are drawn up by the respective institutions. The nature and the format of the syllabus besides theoretical classes on various laws and jurisprudence also include project assignments practical training, moot courts, interdisciplinary research, clinical courses, internships etc.,” said the Law Minister in Lok Sabha today.

The NLUs have been established through states’ enactments, he said and added – “They have benefited from allocations of land infrastructure, financial grants and other development assistance from the State Governments, besides generating their own revenues.”

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