‘Lady Hero’ Vidya Balan cries at the drop of a hat when at home!

‘Lady Hero’ Vidya Balan cries at the drop of a hat when at home!

‘Lady Hero’ Vidya Balan cries at the drop of a hat when at home!

New Delhi, April 4 (Delhi Crown): Bollywood star Vidya Balan might have earned the sobriquet “Lady Hero” after doing those male-dominance-breaking roles all these years, but she is so soft that she starts crying at the smallest of the things when at home!

According to her, once when her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur enquired about his particular pair of jeans she started crying because she had forgotten to make sure that it had come back from the dry-cleaners.

“When one day my husband asked if his pair of jeans had come back from the dry-cleaners, I looked at him and started crying, because I had forgotten to ask our house maid if the pair of jeans had been back from the dry-cleaners.”

Sharing her thoughts on “Share the Load” in Delhi on Monday (April 4) aimed at promoting equality between husband and wife when it comes to accomplishing household chores, including doing the laundry or cooking, Vidya further narrated the incident – “Seeing me crying my husband told me – but it’s not your responsibility. I had told the house maid to get it done. But I was like – I should have asked the house maid about the pair of jeans since I am the wife.”

She added – “I was doing back-to-back films, and despite that I had taken it upon myself to be the super-woman who is going and doing films, spending 12 hours at the sets, plus travelling back, coming home exhausted, and then attend to the household chores. I always thought I had to do all this as I had seen my mom being in-charge throughout. Unknowingly we women put this much pressure on ourselves.”

Vidya also told the gathering that during the Covid-19 lockdown she and her husband had distributed the household chores on a daily basis. “One day I used to mop the floor and do all the cleaning work, the next day it was his turn,” she added.

Narrating another incident, Vidya further stated – “During the Covid lockdown I told my mom to take my dad’s help in doing the household chores. But, mom said ‘leave it’, else her job would increase as her dad would do more harm than helping her !”

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