Kheda Dabar resident concocted a story about car snatching, arrested

Rajesh, a resident of Kheda Dabar, arrested by Chhawla Police

Rajesh, a resident of Kheda Dabar, arrested by Chhawla Police

Wanted to get a false vehicle insurance claim to clear his debts

New Delhi, Jan. 3 (Delhi Crown): In a bid to get a fake vehicle insurance claim after selling his car to a scrap dealer, a resident of village Kheda Dabar in South West Delhi, concocted a story and filed a police complaint claiming his car was snatched away by three motorcycle-borne youths on the night of Dec. 30, said a local cop at Chhawla Police Station.

He narrated a cooked-up story before the police that the snatching incident took place near Raghavpura, Chhawla, at about 4:00 a.m. on Dec. 30.

Rajesh (33), a resident of village Kheda Dabar, was under a heavy debt and wanted to pay off after obtaining a fake insurance claim.

He had estimated an insurance claim of Rs 8 lakhs on his car which he had already sold to a scrap dealer for Rs 60,000.

For calling the police the accused had used a mobile phone other than his own which he claimed the three robbers had robbed.

After thorough investigation and scanning his CDR (call detail record) and CCTVs of nearby areas, the police had a doubt that the accused had concocted the story.

He was interrogated and finally he confessed that he had sold his car to a scrap dealer for Rs 60,000, and thereafter wanted to claim the insurance of the car from the insurance company. “He said during interrogation that he can get more than Rs 8 lakhs from the insurance company, so he concocted this story because he wanted to pay off his debts,” said a cop at Chhawla Police Station.

In his complaint to the police, Rajesh had alleged that on Dec. 30 he was going to Bhiwadi for some work by his personal car which was snatched by three unknown boys near Raghavpura Chhawla at about 4:00 AM.

He also alleged that the three boys came on a motorcycle and two of them snatched his car, mobile phone, cash and thereafter they fled from the spot towards Gurgaon.

After it was established that he had concocted the story, Rajesh was arrested by the Chhawla Police Station, confirmed a local cop.

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