Kejriwal hits back at PM’s allegation of freebies

Kejriwal hits back at PM’s allegation of freebies

Kejriwal hits back at PM’s allegation of freebies

Says he is simply building the country brick-by-brick

New Delhi, July 16 (Delhi Crown): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement made earlies in the day that the trend of offering freebies could be “very dangerous” for the development of the country.

Speaking at a gathering after inaugurating the 296-km Bundelkhand Expressway, the PM had said – “Anything that harms the country, affects the development of the country, that should be kept away.”

Though the PM didn’t name Kejriwal in his speech, the Delhi CM took the allegation on himself, and said that his government was simply working for the overall benefit of the Delhiites.

“People abuse me alleging that I offer freebies to the people. If I am offering good schools and education for students, good hospitals and medical aid for Delhiites, free 200 units of power, free religious tours for the old, and then giving a surplus Budget year after year, I want to ask the people of this country what wrong I am doing,” said Kejriwal in a video message this evening.

He added – “What I am doing today should have been done in 1947, or may be in 1950. But governments after governments in this country didn’t do all this. I am trying to build this nation brick by brick, not offering freebies. I want to see the Number One country in the world.”

In an indirect reference to the BJP-led Central Government, the Delhi CM further went to allege that certain corporates were being given undue favours only because they give away a few crores of Rupees as donations to a particular political party.

“There is a big company which took loans from several banks and didn’t return the money. The banks were declared bankrupt. No action was taken against that company by the Central government only because it gave a few crores as a donation to a particular political party. This is a freebie,” the Delhi CM said and added – “When you waive off bank loans running into several crores for your friends, this is what is called a freebie.”

Perhaps referring to the recent media reports claiming PM Modi “pressurised” Sri Lankan government to award a contract to Adani, Kejriwal further said – “When you go on foreign trips and ask a country’s government to award contracts for those who are your friends, this is what is called a freebie.”

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