Kejriwal fears Sisodia will be arrested by CBI in a day or two

Kejriwal fears Sisodia will be arrested by CBI in a day or two

Kejriwal fears Sisodia will be arrested by CBI in a day or two

Says a false case is to be filed against the Dy. CM

New Delhi, July 22 (Delhi Crown): Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia will be arrested in the next couple of days as the CBI is planning to file a false case against him, said Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a video message on Friday.

If arrested, Sisodia would be the second Delhi minister to be put behind the bars, after Health Minister Satyendra Jain who has been in jail for over a month.

Kejriwal said that in the past several AAP leaders were put behind the bars on one pretext or the other, but all were released because the cases filed against them were found to be fake.

“The courts passed orders against the investigating agencies and rebuked them for filing false cases against our MLAs,” he added.

Kejriwal said that Sisodia was a diehard honest man and hardcore statesman. “I met Sisodia first time in 2000 and have known him for past 22 years. He is an honest man and a true statesman. The CBI at the behest of the central government is planning to implicate him in a false case,” he said, and added that a new system is in place in the country as per which “it is first decided who is to be sent in jail and then a concocted fake case is filed against him to forcibly arrest him.”

He also said – “I had expressed apprehensions about Sisodia’s possible arrest around three months back. I have gathered that the case which is to be filed against Sisodia is absolutely a fake one. There is no truth in the case.”

The Delhi CM further stated that Sisodia did for Delhi what could not be done over the past 75 years, as, according to Kejriwal, he worked day and night to improve the standard of government schools in the Indian capital.

“Now, after the condition of Delhi government schools has improved, children of the poor and the rich study in the same class. Now a child of a judge, a senior officer and a rickshaw-puller sit on the same bench and take classes in Delhi government schools. This was made possible by Sisodia who leaves his home at 6:00 a.m. and starts touring the schools. I want to know if a corrupt man would do all this…?”

In an indirect reference to the Delhi’s BJP unit, Kejriwal said – “If you are the descendants of Savarkar who pleaded guilty before the Britishers, we pay our allegiance to Bhagat Singh who refused to bow down before the Britishers and chose to be hanged. Similarly, we are not afraid of going to jails. We have been put behind bars several times.”

He cited three reasons behind the BJP targeting the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders – (1) AAP leaders are honest and the whole country is acknowledging the same, (2) after AAP won the Punjab state, it is expanding its base in the whole country and the BJP wants to stop it, and (3) good works by the AAP government are hailed worldwide.

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