Indian Govt. asks “FCC of South Asia” to vacate premises in New Delhi

Indian Govt. asks “FCC of South Asia” to vacate premises in New Delhi

Indian Govt. asks “FCC of South Asia” to vacate premises in New Delhi

Club’s president Munish Gupta’s incompetence & inexperience shows up

New Delhi, May 8 (Delhi Crown): New Delhi based “Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia (FCC of South Asia)”, which had been mired in a major controversy ever since it cancelled the already-booked press conference of much acclaimed film producer Vivek Agnihotri for his film THE KASHMIR FILES, was on Saturday issued notice by the Central Government to vacate its premises at AB-19 Mathura Road, right opposite the Supreme Court of India.

According to a report published in the reputed newspaper THE INDIAN EXPRESS, the “Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia (FCC of South Asia)” has been asked to vacate the premises by July 31.

The recent development is actually a reflection on the “incompetence and inexperience” of so-called president of the FCC of South Asia Munish Gupta, who is a non-journalist and has had a dubious background.

Gupta has been throwing his weight around in the corridors of power as “staunch supporter” of the BJP and the RSS.

It may be noted that Munish Gupta’s sister Manoranjana Sinh, the ex-wife of Late Congress leader Matang Sinh, had been in jail for her “role” in the infamous “Sharada Scam”. Gupta himself has been infamous for having free drinks and free lunches, allege the Club’s members.

Munish Gupta was “promoted” at the FCC of South Asia by none other than veteran journalist S. Venkat Narayan who “extended” him the Club’s membership in the “foreign journalist category” when the latter was the president of the Club till a year back.

It is learnt that Gupta is neither accredited with the Government of India, nor is employed with any foreign media. He run his own “PIO-TV” which hardly had any subscribers.

Former Treasurer of the Club Pankaj Yadav, also an elected member of the current Governing Committee, had been repeatedly “exposing” Munish Gupta for over one year.

As per Yadav’s various posts in social media (Facebook and Twitter), Gupta is a “non-journalist” and had managed to capture the Club, and thereafter running it as per his “whims and fancies”.

“The Directorate of Estates under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has sent notices to the Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC) and the Indian Women Press Corps (IWPC) to vacate the bungalows allotted to them as their tenures will soon end,” said THE INDIAN EXPRESS report.

It added – “The notice sent to the FCC on May 4 — with the subject ‘Retention of Government accommodation Bungalow No. AB-19, Mathura Road, New Delhi allotted to Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia’ — conveyed “in principle approval of the Competent Authority for retention” of the bungalow allotted to Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia for a period up to July 31, 2022. You are, therefore, requested to find a suitable accommodation and arrange to vacate the aforesaid house on or before 31st July, 2022.”

On May 2 Gupta had abruptly cancelled the already-scheduled press conference of THE KASHMIR FILES maker Vivek Agnihotri, saying that a section of international media, including the NEW YORK TIMES, BLOOMBERG and AL JAZEERA, had “strong reservations” against him for producing a pro-Hindus film.

This had led to a major controversy in Indian media circles, particularly after Agninotri accused the “international media” for interfering in India’s domestic politics, particularly in relation with India’s claims on Kashmir.

Later, Agnihotri had to arrange his press conference at a five-star hotel on May 5.

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