Husband arrested for wife’s murder in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar

The three accused at Malviya Nagar Police Station

The three accused at Malviya Nagar Police Station

Wife was stabbed 16 times by hired killers on Thursday

New Delhi, Nov. 20 (Delhi Crown): The Malviya Nagar Police have arrested a man for hiring contract killers to stab his wife 16 times because he wanted her out of his way after she suspected him of having an extra-marital affair.

The murder took place two days ago in Malviya Nagar.

Three persons, including Naveen Guleria (the husband), and two contract killers — Sonu and Rahul – are now in police custody.

So far, interrogation has revealed that the killers were allegedly paid Rs. 5 lakhs by Guleria to murder his wife.

Guleria’s attempt to take the suspicion away from himself by taking his wife’s blood-soaked body to the hospital this evening fell flat on being interrogated after the post-mortem procedure had been completed, Deputy Commissioner of Police Benita Mary Jaiker said.

CCTV footage also confirmed that Sonu and Rahul had entered the house, but when exiting they had left with Guleria.

When Guleria’s mobile phone was checked, police found conversations and messages with another woman. They also discovered a bundle of cash in his two-wheeler and another mobile phone in which the numbers of the two contract killers were found.

This convinced the police that all three were involved in the elimination of Guleria’s wife.

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