Gurugram’s suitcase murder case solved: Police

Gurugram’s suitcase murder case solved: Police

Gurugram’s suitcase murder case solved: Police

Husband had killed the woman as she demanded mobile phone & TV

Delhi Crown

Gurugram, Oct. 19: Dead body of a woman in her early 20s was found packed inside a suitcase in Gurugram on October 17, near IFFCO Chowk next to the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway. Two days later, with the arrest of the victim’s husband, the Gurugram Police on Wednesday claimed to have solved the blind murder case.

According to the police, the victim’s husband has been identified as one Rahul (22), who hails from Sultanpur area of Uttar Pradesh and worked as a Helper in a factory in Gurugram.

He resided in a rented house in Sirhaul village, adjacent to an industrial area, along with his wife and a girl child who is said to be less than one year old.

Both had a love marriage in 2021 and ever since had been living in Sirhaul. While Rahul worked in a factory, his wife was a home-maker.

Rahul is learnt to have told the police that he killed his wife because she used to demand a mobile phone and a TV. “His further interrogation is going on. We will also reach out to independent persons/sources like neighboours and the landlord to gather more facts about the couple’s relationship with each other, and also about the sequence of events on the fateful night of crime,” said ACP (Crime) Preetpal.

On the night of October 17, both the husband and wife had a quarrel, and in a fit of rage Rahul allegedly killed her by strangulating. Later he bought a suitcase from a market in Sirhaul and packed her dead body inside it.

“The gory crime was committed in front of the infant girl child. Naturally, the infant is not in a position to tell us anything because she is too small,” said a senior cop posted with the Gurugram Police.

In order to make sure that the identity of his wife would not come to the fore, the killer also cut a piece of his wife’s hand where she had a tattoo in Rahul’s name.

After killing his wife, Rahul allegedly removed all her clothes and packed the naked dead body inside the suitcase. Thereafter, he hired a e-rickshaw for carrying the suitcase to a secluded place. “He removed the clothes from the dead woman’s body before packing it in a suitcase in order to conceal her identity,” said ACP Preetpal.

“He got down from the e-rickshaw at IFFCO Chowk, and then dragged the suitcase to a distance before dumping it in the bushes near IFFCO Chowk. An auto-driver saw the suitcase the next morning and alerted the police,” said a senior cop.

“The alleged murderer in this case tried every bit to go scot-free. But the Gurugram Police cracked the blind murder case with the help of the intelligence and sources within the society,” added the senior cop.

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