Gurugram’s ‘NBCC Green View’ residents smell a “huge scam”

Gurugram’s ‘NBCC Green View’ residents smell a “huge scam”

Gurugram’s ‘NBCC Green View’ residents smell a “huge scam”

Enraged dwellers up in arms against Dy. Commissioner Nishant Yadav’s order

Pankaj Patrakaar

Gurugram, Feb. 18 (Delhi Crown): Residents of the “NBCC Green View” housing society located in Gurugram’s Sector 37-D are smelling a “huge scam”, even as they have been directed by Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav to vacate their residential flats by March 1.

With a couple of senior retired government officials running the housing society’s RWA leading from the front, the residents are up in arms against Deputy Commissioner Yadav’s “abrupt” decision ordering them to vacate their flats within two weeks.

In his order, Yadav had also stated that once the NBCC refunds the whole amount(s), along with interest, to each of the flat-owners, the ownership of the housing society would be “transferred back” to the NBCC, the Central Government-owned construction company.

The decision was taken and announced by the DC (who took over barely a couple of days ago) on Feb. 16 after holding a meeting with senior NBCC officials and RWA’s representatives, besides a host of other residents.

Alleging a possible “huge scam”, with there being a perfect “quid pro quo” between the top NBCC officials and the Gurugram Administration, the fuming residents argue why the ownership of the housing society be transferred back to the NBCC, which is squarely to be blamed for the faulty construction(s).

“If the ownership is to be transferred at all, it should be transferred to an independent Receiver, or any other independent agency. There is a huge scam going on between the NBCC and the district administration, as this piece of land measuring above 18 acres where the housing society is located, is today worth hundreds of crores of Rupees,” said a senior RWA office bearer.

He further alleged – “It is a perfect case of connivance of senior chaps at NBCC and the Gurugram District Administration to first get the housing society evacuated rendering us homeless, then pay us according to their whims and fancies, get the housing society transferred back to NBCC’s name, and finally sell it off to a private builder at the prevailing market rates. We feel a huge amount of money has already exchanged hands at some top level.”

Suresh Kaushik, the vice-president of the NBCC Green View RWA, told that all this started only a few days after a senior NBCC retired. “The said official played a significant role in building this housing society. They (NBCC) were waiting for his retirement to take place without any hassles. And, soon after his retirement, their gameplan came to the fore. Now they want to evict us, and thereafter sell this piece of land measuring 18 acres to a private builder at a hefty cost,” added Kaushik.

Kaushik’s son Anirudh is also of the same view. “My wife is eight-months pregnant, and we have been asked to vacate our houses by the Gurugram DC. We have been given just two weeks. Where do we go from here? At the meeting on Feb.16 it appeared that the District Administration was behaving like a spokesperson of the NBCC. Why should the housing society’s ownership be transferred back to NBCC, we fail to understand?”

A questionnaire sent to Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav raising the residents’ doubts over a possible “scam” went unanswered till this article was published. As soon as his response is received, it would be published.

The residents living in EWS flats within the housing society also have a similar view. Sujata (38), a single mother, told that she was provided the flat by her parents. “I have two children. I earn a living by running a tiffin service. No structural audit has been done in our residential units over the past 5 years ever since we shifted here. Only now the NBCC is testing the structure’s quality. Why? We have a strong apprehension that now they ‘manufacture’ a structural audit report in a back date declaring these units unsafe for living,” said Sujata.

She added – “In our view, our residential units are perfectly okay, and they are suitable to live in. We are in no mood to vacate our premises, come what may. We will fight it out if the district administration uses force on us to vacate our flats.”

Sujata also showed her flat located on the ground floor having no structural fault(s).

The housing society’s Land License No. 11/2009 was given on May 21, 2009, while the Occupancy Certificate (OC) was issued to the NBCC on August 2, 2017. The housing society has a built-up area of 1.75 million square feet, including Basement and Utility/Services area. There are seven residential towers, each having 24 storeys with basement being common for all towers.

There are a total of 784 residential units of 3BHK each, out of which only 150 could be sold. The rest are lying as unsold inventory unoccupied. The housing society also has two schools, two shopping complexes and some EWS units in three-storey buildings.

The residents strongly believe that since the NBCC couldn’t sell over 80% of the units in over a decade now, it (NBCC) wants to get rid of the people living here on the pretext of structural faults, and then sell it off to a private builder at exorbitant prices with its officials “pocketing” huge amounts of money.

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