Gurugram’s Chintels Paradiso residents begin Protest 2.0

Gurugram’s Chintels Paradiso residents begin Protest 2.0

Gurugram’s Chintels Paradiso residents begin Protest 2.0

Allege their voices not heard; Declare they’re ready for a long battle

Delhi Crown Bureau

Gurugram, Nov. 12: Hundreds of residents of Gurugram’s Chintels Paradiso Apartment in Sector 109, adjacent to Dwarka Expressway, began their indefinite protest (dharna) on Saturday (Nov. 12), alleging the local administration and the builder’s company haven’t met their demands yet.

The agitated residents, including women and the elderly, told that the Gurugram Administration should again get the valuation done using the right methodology and with proper due diligence, and the Builder company should compensate them according to the market rate prevalent as settlement.

Alternatively, the residents demand that their towers (D, F & F) be reconstructed within a stipulated timeframe and till then the appropriate accommodation arrangements should be made for the displaced families to stay.

The residents allege that the valuation had been done at the rate of Rs 5000-6000 per square feet, while the prevailing market rate in their areas was Rs 15,000-16,000 per square feet.

“We are ready to fight a long battle for our rights and will not allow the Builder company to usurp the house that we had bought with our whole life’s blood and sweat earnings. Our dharna will continue till our demands are met,” said the fuming residents in a statement.

It may be recalled that two lady residents had died in a mishap in Tower D in February this year when a portion of an apartment at 6th floor came crashing down as a pack of cards till the ground floor. It was one of its kind mishaps in the construction industry in the country.

Following the tragedy, the residents had carried out a series of protests against the Builder company, the local police and the local administration. They alleged that the local police and the local administration were “favouring” the Builders as no arrests were made.

Thereafter, it was decided a construction audit of the Tower-D would be done by competent experts from IIT Delhi.

Since the tragedy struck, as many as 28 families of Tower-D are living on rent in the same complex. The Builder/Developer is paying these owners Rs 25,000 a month towards rental expenses for a 3 BHK flat, and Rs 37,000 for a 4 BHK unit.

In the construction audit it was found that low grade construction material was used in construction which led to the vertical mishap in the said tower. The audit report also revealed that the structure deteriorated faster than expected, even though the condominium was only occupied for about five years. The IIT team also found significant corrosion of steel reinforcement in the debris of the tower, high chloride content in the concrete, and observed rust marks during visual inspection.

A magisterial inquiry report submitted recently by a Committee headed by the Additional Deputy Commissioner stated that the Builder/Developer neglected the demands and issues raised by the RWA and residents.

The final report, released along with the demolition order by the Administration earlier this week, had said that wrong methodology was adopted for repair work which was the immediate cause of the collapse.

The report also said that corroded steel used as reinforcement had been painted from the top to hide the corrosion. The methodology of repair was also not as per the requisite standard, it had stated.

Only two days ago Gurugram Deputy Commissioner Nishant Yadav had ordered for immediate demolition of Tower-D.

Further, Towers E and F are to be vacated, and a structural audit report for these two buildings will be released within 20 days, based on which the DC will take a further decision.

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