Gurugram Police, where is Chintels’ MD Prashant Solomon ?

Gurugram Police, where is Chintels’ MD Prashant Solomon ?

Gurugram Police, where is Chintels’ MD Prashant Solomon ?

Irked residents demand his immediate arrest

Gurugram, Feb. 11 (Delhi Crown): Enraged residents of Gurugram Sector-109’s Chintels Paradiso, where a big mishap occurred on Thursday evening claiming two human lives, are demanding the immediate arrest of the builder firm’s Managing Director Prashant Solomon.

Almost 24 hours have passed but the whereabouts of Solomon are not known yet !

The irked residents are protesting at the housing society against the Gurugram Police for inaction. Though, a police case has been registered against the builder and the contractor who built the housing society, and two DSPs appointed to carry out an inquiry.

From an undisclosed location, Solomon on Friday tweeted a message from his personal Twitter account, passing off the buck saying a resident of Tower-D who was carrying out some renovation work was responsible for the “unfortunate” incident.

“Upon preliminary investigations, we have come to know that the mishap occurred during renovation work by a contractor being carried out by a resident in his apartment,” said Solomon in a message he tweeted on Friday.

He said the company had conducted a structural audit last year in the wake of complaints regarding the project.

“We will be initiating a second structural audit at the earliest. In case any defects are found in the structure, we will duly compensate affected buyers or accommodate affected residents in alternate arrangements while necessary repair work is completed,” Solomon said.

He said his company is fully cooperating with the authorities and ensuring all support.

“We will do our best to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in future. We extend our heartfelt condolence and complete support to the affected families in this moment of grief,” Solomon said in his message.

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