Forensic report of Chintels Paradiso mishap will come out in 3 months

Forensic report of Chintels Paradiso mishap will come out in 3 months

Forensic report of Chintels Paradiso mishap will come out in 3 months

Samples of concrete, iron bars, cement collected

Gurugram, Feb. 12 (Delhi Crown): It will take three long months for the forensic team to investigate and come out with a report on the construction material used in building the Tower-D of Gurugram Sector-109’s Chintels Paradiso where the mishap had taken place on Thursday evening claiming two lives.

The forensic report will play a key role in the investigation, and help in ascertaining what exactly led to the crash. It’s left to one’s imagination about the possibilities of “manipulation” in the report, if any, at any level over such a long period of time!

A team of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), located in Karnal’s Madhuban, has collected samples of concrete, iron bars, cement and other material that will be checked for strength and quality.

Leading the team, Assistant Director, FSL, Gayatri Singh said the samples will be tested on various quality parameters. “The analysis of samples of these materials takes some time. It takes around three months to come out with a report,” she was quoted as saying.

The Gurugram Police, the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) and the District Administration, are conducting separate probes into the shocking collapse at Tower D of Chintels Paradise codnominium, resulting in two deaths.

So far, different agencies have maintained that heavy repair work was being carried out on the sixth-floor apartment, which damaged a concrete slab and it fell down, triggering the collapse up to first floor.

“The residents have alleged that poor quality material has been used. Forensic testing will reveal exact reasons,” said a cop reportedly said.

The DTCP said that it has ordered an inquiry into the circumstances that led to the collapse of the structure, and will send a report to the headquarters in Chandigarh within two days.

Initial findings suggest that heavy repair work was being carried out on the floor of the sixth-floor apartment that led to the collapse, said a DTCP official.

Gurugram DTP (district town planner) RS Bhath said they have been asked to analyse the structure audit report submitted by the developer, and submit the findings.

Bhath said – “The structural engineer who has submitted the report will also be identified and a detailed report will be submitted to the headquarters for further action. The structural audit certificate of any project is submitted by the builder after getting an audit done by a recognised structural engineer or consultant. The department depends on the certificate issued by the expert, and we have little control over this matter.”

The Gurugram District Administration too has initiated a probe in this matter, which will be conducted by Additional Deputy Commissioner Vishram Kumar Meena.

From his end, newly appointed Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav has given the assurance to the residents that a detailed investigation will be conducted to find the reasons behind the collapse, and fix accountability.

“Preliminary probe has revealed that renovation work has led to the collapse and our teams are yet to submit a report following which exact reason will be ascertained,” Yadav had said on Thursday evening after visiting the site.

Meanwhile, Bengaluru-based Deepak Kapoor, who owns D-603, the flat where the ceiling collapse led to the accident, has said that he took possession two years ago from the developer.

“The developer was yet to finish interior work, and some work on the floor was being done. After repeated emails and communications with the developer, they agreed in January-end to start the pending work and on February 6, they started the work. The labourers were working in my apartment. Some work was also going on at the seventh floor, and the ceiling of my flat collapsed,” said Kapoor.

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