Foreign Journalists’ Club in Delhi in news once again for all the wrong reasons

Foreign Journalists’ Club in Delhi in news once again for all the wrong reasons

Foreign Journalists’ Club in Delhi in news once again for all the wrong reasons

Big Drama at Club’s gates over Manager Chhaya Sharma’s “extra-marital affair” with Club’s lawyer Umesh Sharma

Delhi Crown Bureau

New Delhi: Ugly scenes were witnessed at the main gate of the foreign journalists club – Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) of South Asia in New Delhi on the evening of January 17, 2023, when a Lady Advocate (52), a senior lawyer in Delhi, raided the Club along with a few Delhi Police cops, in “search” of the Club Manager Ms. Chhaya Sharma (45) for having an extra-marital affair with her (Lady Advocate’s) husband Advocate Umesh Sharma (61).

Notably, Club Manager Chhaya Sharma is married and is a mother of a grown up son. So is Advocate Umesh Sharma, having two grown up children from his wife, the Lady Advocate.

Yesterday (Jan. 17), after unsuccessfully struggling to get inside the Club’s premises for quite some time to catch hold of Chhaya Sharma, the Lady Advocate left in a huff. But, while returning from the scene she told the Club’s security guards that she will come again, and again, till she catches Chhaya Sharma by her collar and dragged her on the road.

Later speaking to “”, the Lady Advocate said, “My husband Umesh Sharma has been a long time womaniser. I have caught him red-handed on several occasions. In the past 35 years he hasn’t done anything in his professional life, except indulging in illicit relationships with several women. I have thrown him out of my house and discredited him socially to the hilt. Both my children are out of touch with him because of his bad demeanour/character.”

She further said – “Now, the latest woman in my husband Umesh Sharma’s life is this Chhaya Sharma, who is hired by the FCC of South Asia as a Manager. I know they both have been having an illicit affair for over a year. I also know that Umesh Sharma goes up to her room (Manager’s Room) and both indulge in illicit and vulgar relationship over there. Today the security guards posted at the FCC’s gates didn’t allow me to enter the Club, but take my word I will confront her (Chhaya Sharma) one day.”

Yesterday’s episode at the gates of FCC of South Asia hasn’t gone down well with the Club members. A former office bearer said – “Our Club is a reputed club. Foreign journalists and other members visit the Club with their families and friends. This illicit relationship that has come to the fore can’t be tolerated, and the Club’s Managing Committee must immediately get rid of both of them – Chhaya Sharma and Umesh Sharma.”

According to a Club member, Chhaya Sharma was hired as Club Manager by president Munish Gupta last year on Umesh Sharma’s reference only. “Now we understand why Chhaya Sharma, who doesn’t deserve to hold this position, was hired. Both Munish Gupta and Umesh Sharma have been hands-in-glove, and have only brought a bad name to the Club all these years. In the past too there have been so many complaints against Munish Gupta and Umesh Sharma. Some months ago Umesh Sharma, accompanied by some goons, had attacked a senior journalist at the gates of our Club. Similarly, Munish Gupta has been accused of misappropriating huge amounts of funds of the Club.”

It is known that Munish Gupta is the real brother of Manoranjana Sinh (the estranged wife of former Congress leader Late Matang Sinh) who spent a few months in jail for her alleged role in the infamous “Sarada Scam”. Also, Munish Gupta is the son of veteran journalist K.N. Gupta, who is known to be “too close” to the Sangh Parivar and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

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