Dwarka District Police solve one-year-old blind extortion case

Dwarka District Police solve one-year-old blind extortion case

Dwarka District Police solve one-year-old blind extortion case

Supervised by ACP Vijay Yadav, the police team was led by Insp. Naveen Yadav

New Delhi, Dec. 7 (Delhi Crown): With the arrest of three persons from Ghaziabad’s Bamheta village, the Special Staff and Cyber Cell of the Delhi’s Dwarka District Police on Tuesday claimed to have solved a blind case of extortion.

All the three persons were arrested from Ghaziabad on Sunday (Dec. 5).

While one of the accused is a ‘documents maker’, the other one sold/activated Sim Cards, and the third one received and shared the OTP for activating the Sim Card used in making extortion phone calls.

According to Dwarka DCP Shankar Choudhary, in the second week of January this year, one Ajay Kumar Sharma had alleged that he received threatening calls from an international Mobile Number “+60735800006”, with the caller saying that if he did not pay Rs. 10 lakhs within 3 days his son will be murdered.

Based on the Sharma’s complaint an FIR was lodged on January 11 at the Dwarka North Police Station.

During investigation, it was noticed that the alleged calls are VOIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) calls and the carrier of these calls are “GSOFT-UK” & “GSOFT-NY” and “Gsoft Technologies LLC” received these calls from NextMark Technology.

“The matter was pursued with NextMark Technology which replied that the alleged calls have been handed over to them by their carrier YX international. Thereafter, the matter was pursued with YX International Information Co. Limited, Hong Kong who provided the IP Addresses of the originator of these calls. After analysis of the IP addresses/IPDRs, it was ascertained that mobile number 8377870505 was used to make extortion calls to the complainant of the case through Internet/VOIP calling applications,” said DCP Choudhary.

The police team that cracked the case was led Dwarka ACP Vijay Singh Yadav, and comprised Inspector Naveen Kumar, SI Arvind, SI Jaiveer, SI Ranjeev Tyagi, SI Bijender, Head Constable Praveen, Constable Vipin.

Dwarka ACP Vijay SIngh Yadav successfully supervised the police team that cracked the case.

On the basis of a detailed technical investigation, it was ascertained that Voda mobile number-8377870505 was used to make internet/VOIP calls to the complainant.

The mobile number was found registered in the name of Ankit Singh but no such person could be traced in the entire locality.

The CAF (call Attached Facility) of the number was obtained from Voda and it was found that photograph of one Sandeep Kumar (23), a resident of Shahpur Bamheta in Ghaziabad, was on the CAF (Call Attached Facility).

The SIM card was apparently activated after taking a fresh photo of the applicant Sandeep. One Rakesh Kumar (31), a resident of Bamheta Ghaziabad, was also apprehended as he activated the SIM being a Voda representative & SIM dealer.

He knew Sandeep Kumar but activated the SIM Card in the name of Ankit Singh while using a photograph of Sandeep.

One Zakir (33), a resident of Bamheta in Ghaziabad was also apprehended as OTP for activation of SIM was received on his mobile phone. Zakir is said to be a neighbour of Sandeep.

All three persons were handed over to Dwarka North Police Station for further proceedings in the case.

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