Did Delhi Police’s two Spl. CPs “receive crores of Rupees” to vitiate inquiry into Satish Kaushik’s death?

Did Delhi Police’s two Spl. CPs “receive crores of Rupees” to vitiate inquiry into Satish Kaushik’s death?

Did Delhi Police’s two Spl. CPs “receive crores of Rupees” to vitiate inquiry into Satish Kaushik’s death?

The film-maker had breathed his last at Gutka-King Vikas Malu’s farmhouse, claim sources

Delhi Crown Bureau

New Delhi: Mystery over the death of Bollywood’s “Calendar” Satish Kaushik is getting murkier by the day. Did he die, or was murdered?

Murmurs are galore in Delhi Police’s circles that two top-cops, of the rank of Special CP, had allegedly pocketed Crores of Rupees for allowing destruction of evidence and vitiating any subsequent inquiry(ies) into the film-maker’s death.

If sources privy to the matter are to be believed, after receiving the “huge amounts of money” the two Special CPs allowed a “cooked-up story” making it believe (to the Press) that no stone was left unturned to save the deceased and that he had died on the way to a multi-speciality hospital in Gurugram.

“Actually, Kashik had breathed his last within the farmhouse owned by Gutka-King Vikas Malu’s family,” said the sources, and added that later it was portrayed before the Press that all possible attempts were made to save Kaushik but he died on the way to the hospital.

“Soon after Kaushik’s death at Malu’s farmhouse, the two Special CPs were contacted by Malu’s cronies, including three builders. And, a deal was hurriedly arrived at. Incidentally, both the Special CPs and the three builders involved in fixing the deal belong to the same community. The three builders had an old connection with the two Special CPs. It is a perfect case of nexus between the Money Power and the Police Power,” said the sources on the condition of anonymity.

According to initial media reports, Kaushik had complained of chest pain and later passed away at a Gurugram hospital, after attending a Holi party on March 8 organised by Malu at his farmhouse (A-5, Pushpanjali) situated in South-West Delhi’s Bijwasan area.

A few builders, real estate agents and “influential” people were among those who attended the party which reportedly went on till late in the night (March 8). After the party, Kaushik had retired (for the night) to one of the rooms on the first-floor of a building inside the farmhouse.

Several aphrodisiacs and other banned drugs were found inside Malu’s farmhouse when a police raid was carried out. They were later described as “medicines” before the Press/Media, say the sources. The deceased’s last uttered sentence – “I don’t want to die”, was also “conveniently planted” for the consumption of the Media/Press.

The post-mortem report confirmed “cardiac arrest” as the cause of his death.

If Malu’s second (estranged) wife Saanvi is to be believed, the “plot” to get rid of Kaushik was hatched several months ago by Malu himself in Dubai where the actor-cum-filmmaker had met him demanding his money (Rs 15 crores) back.

According to Saanvi, it had been three years since Malu had borrowed the huge amount from Kaushik and was not ready to return it. However, putting rest to the “story” narrated by Saanvi, Kaushik’s wife Shashi told the media that no money was ever lent by her deceased husband to Malu.

Now, if reliable sources are to be believed, “Shashi Kaushik may have denied the money-story, as revealed by Saanvi, under pressure from Malu or promise made by him to pay back the amount soon”.

Saanvi can also be heard telling a TV channel that a couple of months back she had lodged an FIR of rape at the Kapashera Police Station against Malu and his son from the first wife. “But, Inspector Vijay Singh who was tasked to investigate the crime failed to take any action against Malu and his son. He simply dragged the case as Malu has connections with high-ranking Delhi Police cops,” added Saanvi.

Over the years, Vikas Malu has been a known womaniser and had faced various charges, including molestation. He is well-known among Page-3 circles for enjoying late night parties at pubs and 5-star hotels in Lutyens’ Delhi.

It is feared that Satish Kaushik’s death case may be forgotten over the years down the line, just like those of Ponty Chadha and Deepak Bhardwaj who too were killed just a few kilometres away from the venue where the former breathed his last. Names of several high-ranking police officials are yet to be cleared in the Ponty Chadha and Deepak Bhardwaj murder cases.

If Commissioner of Police (CP) Sanjay Arora wishes to solve the mystery over Kaushik’s death case, he surely would have to take away the inquiries (being carried on) from the present bunch of Delhi Police cops. Instead, hold a CBI inquiry.

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