Delhi to soon have an e-waste management ecopark

Delhi to soon have an e-waste management ecopark

Delhi to soon have an e-waste management ecopark

City generates 2 lakh tonnes of e-waste every year

New Delhi, Feb. 24 (Delhi Crown): Delhi will soon have an e-waste management ecopark to deal with the huge quantity of e-waste generated in the national capital every year, announced Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday (Feb. 24).

He said the ecopark to manage the e-waste will come on a 20-acre land, and that the Delhi Government has given its assent in principle to hire consultants for the same.

According to Sisodia, this will be the first-of-its-kind ecopark in the country to manage e-waste, which will perform in scientifically and environmentally efficient manner.

“E-waste management is not done in a scientific manner anywhere in the country. Delhi Government has decided to set up an e-waste management ecopark which will be the first-of-its-kind across India. E-waste will be dismantled, refurbished, recycled, and re-manufactured at the ecopark,” Sisodia told media persons.

He further stated that whatever is happening in the country in the name of e-waste management is quite “informal”.

“Mushrooming of illegal activities is taking place. Businessmen are doing it at their own level. Fire incidents are also reported in e-waste factories,” he said, and added this ecopark will perform in an economically scientific manner and environmentally scientific manner with utmost safety standards.

“We have studied the models of such eco-parks in various countries, and on the basis of these studies we have decided to set up an e-waste ecopark on a 20-acre land,” added the Dy. CM.

The e-waste management ecopark will be set up as per the guidelines issued by the Central Government.

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