Delhi HC reunites Rajasthan girl with her husband in Chennai

Delhi HC reunites Rajasthan girl with her husband in Chennai

Delhi HC reunites Rajasthan girl with her husband in Chennai

Both boy & girl residents of Rajasthan

New Delhi, Jan. 22 (Delhi Crown): A newly-wedded couple hailing from Rajasthan has been reunited in Chennai after the intervention of the Delhi High Court.

The girl’s father, who is said to be serving as an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) with the Delhi Police, forcibly took her away from her husband and ensured that the boy was kept in illegal custody at a police station in Jaipur.

The boy presently works at Chennai. Under police protection, the girl flew from Delhi to Chennai on Friday to be reunited with her husband.

The girl’s family was against the match. After their wedding in November, the couple had gone to Chennai and then decided to move to Jaipur where the girl’s family members, including her father, threatened the boy and forcibly took away the girl.

Being a Delhi Police cop, the girl’s father is said to have used his “influence” in Jaipur ensuring that the boy was detained in illegal detention for a day at a police station in the Pink City.

After a day’s illegal detention at a Jaipur police station, the boy went back to Chennai and from there he filed a police complaint with the Delhi Police urging for a legal action to reunite with her wife.

Identified as Nemi Chand God, the boy also moved a Habeas Corpus writ before the Delhi High Court alleging illegal custody of his wife at her parents’ house.

A writ under Habeas Corpus required a person under detention/arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure the person’s release unless lawful grounds are shown for his/her detention.

The HC intervened and a two-judge bench comprising Justices Siddharth Mridul Anup Jairam Bhambhani gave the girl police protection directing a Lady Inspector (with Janak Puri Police station) to ensure that the girl returns to her husband in Chennai.

According to the Lady Inspector, the girl safely flew to Chennai on Friday.

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