Delhi govt. to convert schools into “hobby hubs” for students

Delhi govt. to convert schools in “hobby hubs” for students

Delhi govt. to convert schools in “hobby hubs” for students

Creative fields training is to be held during Summer Vacations as well

New Delhi, March 31 (Delhi Crown): The Delhi government has come out with a new scheme for imparting free-of-cist training in creative fields like dance, music, theatre, fine arts and crafts in schools belonging to the Directorate of Education.

Private academies, individuals and NGOs would be engaged for imparting these skills in Delhi Government school students, and also those studying in non-government schools. The students belonging to private schools would be required to pay.

Training in these creative fields would be imparted inside Delhi Government schools’ premises after regular school hours, and the required infrastructure available at such schools would be used.

According to an official Circular issued by the Delhi Govt’s Directorate of Education on Thursday, the interested private academies, individuals and NGOs would be required to apply online. And, based on such applications the Heads of Schools (HoSs) would be required to make lists of students interested in those creative fields.

The HoSs have bee directed to complete the process by April 8.

On working days of the school, during summers, training in creative fields may be provided till 6 p.m. only, and during winters till 5 pm.

Hobby classes may be held during Summer Vacation between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. without compromising on other teaching – learning activities in schools.

Academies/Individuals/NGOs will have to provide free-of-cost training to students of the schools of Directorate of Education. However, they can impart training to private students on chargeable basis, but the ratio should be maintained at 50:50 i.e. at least 50 percent students undergoing training must be from the Government schools of Directorate of Education and 50 percent of students may be enrolled on chargeable basis from non-Government schools.

Students of the concerned school shall not be denied admission into the hobby classes being provided in their own school, even if the number of Govt. School students exceeds 50% of total students enrolled.

However, quality of training for Government school students should be at par with the non-Government school students, said the Circular.

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