Crimes against women fall as Gurugram’s first lady top cop Kala Ramachandran completes 3 months

Crimes against women fall as Gurugram’s first lady top cop Kala Ramachandran completes 3 months

Crimes against women fall as Gurugram’s first lady top cop Kala Ramachandran completes 3 months

Over 2 months old CNG station Triple Murder case still unsolved

Delhi Crown Bureau

Gurugram, May 14 (Delhi Crown): Gurugram’s first lady Commissioner of Police Kala Ramachandran (IPS) completes her three months in the city this weekend, as she had taken over as CP on February 15.

Under Kala’s captaincy, the overall crime in the city has declined, especially the crimes against women.

If the data released by the Gurugram Police are to be believed, there has been a “sharp decline” in number of sexual offences against women with a 20% decrease in rape cases. While 81 rape cases were registered during January 1-April 30, 2021 in Gurugram, the figure fell to 65 during the first quarter of this year.

Similarly, cases of outraging the modesty of women (Section 354 IPC) have declined by 16% (68 in 2022, 91 in 2021).

Cases of cruelty by in-laws (Section 498-A, 406 IPC), however, increased by 58% from 94 last year to 149 cases in 2022, revealed the official data released by the Gurugram Police.

Overall, the number of cases registered in Gurugram during the first four months of the current calendar year has remained more or less the same as the corresponding period last year, with a total of 5655 cases registered in 2022 compared to 5652 cases in the corresponding period in 2021.

However, crimes covered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) saw an 8% decline in this period, with 4496 cases being registered as compared to 4847 cases in the corresponding period of 2021.

On the other hand, the cases registered under local and special laws have increased by 31% (1159 in 2022, 805 in 2021).

Under Kala Ramachandran’s leadership, the millennium city saw a marginal decrease in the total CAW Cases (Crime Against Women) with 392 cases up to April 30, as compared to 402 up to the same date last year.

In so far as crimes against property is concerned, the number of snatching cases rose from 53 to 85, and burglary cases saw a marginal increase from 133 to 144.

However, heinous cases such as dacoity and robbery declined by 43% (21 this year as opposed to 37 last year), and Vehicle thefts witnessed a decline of 9% with 1032 cases as opposed to 1139 cases last year.

The detection of property offences has gone up to 20.5% as opposed to 18% last year. Additionally, 272 cases of previous years have been detected in the past 4 months, said the crime data released by the Gurugram Police this weekend.

Meanwhile, one case that continues to haunt Gurugram CP’s Khakhi team is the triple murder case that took place on February 28 at the CNG station in Sector 31, along the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway, about which the city police have remained totally clueless till date.

Top cops in the city prefer remaining tight-lipped when asked about the progress/breakthrough in this heinous case in which three employees, including the Manager, were brutally murdered by unidentified assailants with the help of sharp-edged weapons.

The assailants had put off the CCTVs installed at the CNG Station before carrying out the gory crime in the dead of the night.

The blind triple murder case had taken place barely two weeks after Kala Ramachandran had taken over as Gurugram CP. Even as the city police seem to be making “serious efforts” in cracking the case, several “theories” are making rounds in police and media circles about the “motive” of the crime yet-to-be-cracked.

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