Clamour grows in BJP to rope in Sanjay Joshi to stop Brahmins drifting away

Clamour grows in BJP to rope in Sanjay Joshi to stop Brahmins drifting away

Clamour grows in BJP to rope in Sanjay Joshi to stop Brahmins drifting away

Jaswant Yadav, a Haryana BJP leader, makes a strong pitch for Joshi

New Delhi, Jan. 12 (Delhi Crown): Media reports have been galore over the past few days about Brahmins “drifting away” from the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttar Pradesh.

Amid all the political upheaval going on in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, a section of the party’s leadership is of the view that Sanjay Joshi, a BJP stalwart and Brahmin by caste hailing from Maharashtra (Nagpur), should be roped in to stop the Brahmins’ “exodus” from the party.

Jaswant Yadav, a senior party leader from Haryana, made a Facebook post on Wednesday strongly demanding that Sanjay Joshi should be given a key role in the run up to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls.

Suggesting “Bahar Mat Taako, Apne Andar Jhanko,” (Don’t look around outside, Introspect within), Yadav, who claims to have worked with PM Narendra Modi when he was BJP In-charge of Haryana many years back, said in his FB post – “We have in our party many leaders much stronger than Swami Prasad Maurya. We should try to identify them and being them into our party’s mainstream. They will definitely make a difference in putting together the Brahmins vote-bank for the party in Uttar Pradesh.”

Maurya, a minister in Yogi government, had recently quit the BJP to join the Samajwadi Party (SP). Maurya quitting the party is seen as a major jolt to the party as he is said to be enjoying an immense support base among the Yadavs. His daughter Sanghmitra Maurya is currently a Lok Sabha MP.

There is said to be a sizable Brahmins vote-bank in Uttar Pradesh.

Speaking to THE DELHI CROWN, Yadav said there is a growing demand from within the party’s rank and file to bring back Joshi, who has been side lined within the party for so many years now.

“Many senior and middle-rung BJP leaders have this view but lack the courage to speak up. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president J.P. Nadda should immediately rope in Joshi to ensure victory in UP, keeping in mind the party’s and nation’s interests in mind,” said Yadav.

He added – “If we lose in UP this time, 2024 General Elections would be become a difficult task for the party.”

Yadav further suggested that Sanjay Joshi enjoys a wide reach and appeal among the BJP and the RSS cadres across the nation, and possesses remarkable organisation skills.

“Even today, despite being side lined within the party, there is a beeline of visitors outside Joshi’s office in Gole Market to have an audience with him,” added Yadav.

According to Yadav, the party wants to see Yogi Adityanath to continue serving UP, and that this target could be achieved if Sanjay Joshi is allowed to actively work in the state ensuring the party’s victory.

Joshi and PM Modi were once close friends. Somehow, due to some personal reasons, both fell apart, and ever since Joshi has not been given any key role in BJP. Born in Nagpur in April 1962, Joshi is a mechanical engineer by professional training. He was a Lecturer in an engineering college, but resigned to become a full-time RSS Pracharak in Maharashtra, before being installed as the General Secretary (Organisation) in early 2000s.

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