‘Bulli Bai’ app creator Neeraj Bishnoi “confesses”: Delhi Police

‘Bulli Bai’ app creator Neeraj Bishnoi “confesses”: Delhi Police

‘Bulli Bai’ app creator Neeraj Bishnoi “confesses”: Delhi Police

To be produced before Delhi Court on Thursday night

New Delhi, Jan. 6 (Delhi Crown): The Delhi Police on Thursday claimed that the main conspirator in the “Bulli Bai” case Neeraj Bishnoi (21) has confessed during interrogation that he created the software application on “GitHub”.

Bishnoi, a second-year B.Tech computer science student at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Bhopal, was arrested by the Delhi Police on Wednesday night from his home in Jorhat in Assam.

According to DCP (IFSO) K.P.S. Malhotra, Bishnoi will be presented before a Delhi Court on Thursday night. “He has confessed, but most importantly, we have acquired technical evidence required from his laptop & mobile. Whole network has been busted,” added Malhotra.

IFSO is the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations unit of the Delhi Police.

Meanwhile, a source at Delhi Police’s Special Cell said that during interrogation, Neeraj Bishnoi disclosed that the application was developed in Nov 2021 and updated a month later. He said he created one more Twitter account to talk about the application. Using another Twitter account he had stated “You’ve arrested the wrong person”.

Neeraj Bishnoi is said to be a resident of Digambar Chowk area in Assam’s Jorhat town. His father Dasrath Bishnoi, who is a shopkeeper, said that around 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, a three-member Delhi Police team, along with Jorhat Police, reached their home and asked about his son.

“Yesterday the police team came to our home and asked about Neeraj. The team spent about 45 minutes and searched our home. Before leaving, they took my son and seized his laptop and a mobile phone, which belonged to my wife. My son used to use the device,” Dasrath was quoted as saying.

He claimed that his son is innocent and he cannot do any wrong.

“Neeraj told us he was not involved with any wrong work. He also told the Delhi Police team that he was innocent and someone may have used his photo. My son passed the Class-10 examination with 86 per cent marks from St. Mary’s School. He also received a laptop from the state government. Our economic condition was not so good and we could not afford to buy a computer for my son,” added Neeraj’s father.

He added: “He was busy with the computer most of the time till 11:00 p.m. every day. Neeraj got admission at VIT, Bhopal in 2019, but he was appearing for his classes virtually from home. He hardly spoke to others. He was only busy with his studies. He secured 82 per cent in Class 12 examination. None of Neeraj’s friends had come home during this stay at our home. He was always glued to his laptop.”

According to media reports, on November 27, last year Neeraj went to Rajasthan to attend a family marriage and returned to Jorhat on December 25.

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