Big hangaama at Patiala House Courts after Advocate Umesh Sharma beats up a lawyer

Big hangaama at Patiala House Courts after Advocate Umesh Sharma beats up a lawyer

Big hangaama at Patiala House Courts after Advocate Umesh Sharma beats up a lawyer

The victimised lawyer returned to Court and took a “sweet revenge”

Delhi Crown Bureau

New Delhi: Advocate Umesh Sharma, who has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons over the past one year including allegations of Adultery by his wife, beat up a lawyer outside Court Room Number 8 of Patiala House Courts at around 10:30 hours on Monday (May 29).

“The assault by Adv. Umesh Sharma was totally unprovoked,” eye-witnesses told www.thedelhicrown .

The victimised lawyer was wearing casual clothes at the time of the incident, and Adv. Umesh Sharma continued beating him up while hurling abuses at him and shouting that he was a fake lawyer.

According to sources, after the incident the victimised lawyer went away, picked up his formal dress from his home and returned to the Court at around 12:30 hours, and took a “sweet revenge” on Adv. Umesh Sharma by repeatedly slapping him on his face.

This time the scene was in front of snacks-shops inside the Court premises, outside the Ahlmad Rooms. And, soon there was a commotion inside the Court premises.

The matter reached the New Delhi Bar Association (NDBA), i.e. Patiala House Bar Association, where President Jagdeep Vats and other office bearers were present. NDBA President Jagdeep Vats publicly admonished and scolded Adv. Umesh Sharma for his “unprovoked act” in the morning hours. The victimised lawyer too was present at the Bar Room.

It was ascertained that Adv. Umesh Sharma is not a member of NDBA, but utilises the Bar Library facility on a daily basis and misbehaves with advocates unabatedly.

The NDBA office bearers delved into the matter and reached at the conclusion that Adv. Umesh Sharma be barred from using the NDBA Library, and also keep a strict check on his behavior in the future whenever he is at Patiala House Courts.

Incidentally, Adv. Umesh Sharma’s wife, who is also a leading advocate in Delhi, has on various occasions accused him for indulging in Adultery. She even caught him “red-handed” on several occasions. It is learnt that she has also filed applications before various courts against her husband, i.e. Adv. Umesh Sharma and one Chhaya Sharma accusing both for Adultery.

Sources told that Chhaya Sharma works as a part-time worker at the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) of South Asia situated at AB-19, Mathura Road, just opposite to the Supreme Court of India. It was Adv. Umesh Sharma who got Chhaya Sharma the employment at the Club, added the sources.

Reliable sources also said that Adv. Umesh Sharma was thrown out of his house by his lawyer wife and other family members nearly two years ago after he was caught “red-handed” while indulging in acts of Adultery with different women. For two years Adv. Umesh Sharma has been living alone, away from his family.

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