Arya Samaj protests against Kejriwal’s new Excise Policy

Arya Samaj protests against Kejriwal’s new Excise Policy

Arya Samaj protests against Kejriwal’s new Excise Policy

Adesh Gupta says such protests show Kejriwal can’t have his way

New Delhi, Dec. 28 (Delhi Crown): The Arya Samaj organised a protest at Jantar Mantar on Tuesday against the Kejriwal government over its new Excise Policy, which privatised the liquor vends in the national capital.

Implemented on November 17, the new excise policy has plans for bigger and good-looking liquor vends where people could roam around and pick brands of their choice.

During the protests at Jantar Mantar, BJP’s Delhi unit chief Adesh Gupta said that while the Kejriwal government may not bother for people’s feeling while filling up its pockets, “but Delhiites have realised this policy may spoil the future of youngsters, women and others.”

Gupta further stated – “Kejriwal came to power with promise of honesty, eradicating corruption and prohibition, but is now involved in himself doing just the same to fill up his pockets and doing everything he was opposed to earlier just to win polls in other states.”

He added that Kejriwal was so “intoxicated in power” that he had conveniently forgotten that in his own book “Swaraj” written seven years back he had mentioned that opening of liquor shop was not possible without giving bribe to local leaders or officials.

“But would he say how much money he himself has taken for these 850 shops of liquor. How much has his AAP and its leaders have shared this money,” asked the Delhi BJP chief.

He said Kejriwal had said he would talk to local RWAs and women before allowing any liquor shop there “but did he do so while allowing these 850 shops.”

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