A few hundred Indians still stuck in Kharkiv: Govt.

A few hundred Indians still stuck in Kharkiv: Govt.

A few hundred Indians still stuck in Kharkiv: Govt.

So far 6400 Indians safely evacuated under ‘Operation Ganga’

New Delhi, March 3 (Delhi Crown): Despite two repeated advisories issued by the Indian embassy in Ukraine urging Indians to “immediately” leave the city of Kharkiv, “there are a few hundred Indians still stuck there”, said Ministry of External Affairs spokesman Arindam Bagchi on Thursday.

The Kharkiv city has been almost devastated after coming under heavy bombing and shelling by Russian troops over the past couple of days.

“Registration of 20,000 Indian nationals was done initially, but there were many who did not register. We estimate a few hundred citizens still remain in Kharkiv. Our priority is to take students out safely in whatever mode of transport possible,” said Bagchi.

At a media briefing on the ongoing “Operation Ganga” to evacuate Indians from war torn Ukraine, Bagchi said that so far over 6400 Indians, mostly students, have been brought back home in as many as 30 Special flights from several spots in countries adjoining Ukraine.

According to him, so far over 18,000 Indians have safely returned home ever since India began issuing advisories to the Indian nationals there over the past couple of months.

Bagchi also told media persons that as many as 18 special flights are scheduled in the next 24 hours to bring back Indians. Out of these three are C-17 flights, and the rest commercial flights.

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